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LDList - LDRAW part search program

This little helper program for LDRAW (and associated programs) lets you search for the piece you want, either by number, name, description or KEYWORDs. It also contains a preview window, so you can see that you have found the right piece.

Program (241 kB) (Version 4)
Source (34 kB) (Delphi 5.0)

In the Search for field you can enter one or more words, separated by spaces, and LDList will find all pieces that matches all the words (implied AND). Note that the order of the words are not significant.

To search for an exact match, you must begin your search string with " and remember that every little space is significant.

To search for a stud count, enter the number between vertical bars: |4|

Stud count search can be combined with other words, so for example

|2| clip

will find

4491a.dat |2| Animal Horse Saddle with One Clip
4491b.dat |2| Animal Horse Saddle with Two Clips
30237.dat |2| Brick 1 x 2 with Clip Vertical
30236.dat |2| Brick 1 x 2 with Handle CATEGORY Brick KEYWORDS gizmo, rod, bar, side, grab, horizontal, clip-on

CTRL-C copies the selected line to the ClipBoard (file name + description)
CTRL-X copies only the file name (new in 3.7)

Each time you have updated LDList, or your LDRAW part library, you should run a Scan in LDList.

If you are using Steve Bliss' LDAO (LDRAW Add On), it should be possible to drag pieces from LDList and drop them in the LDAO editor (I don't know which version of LDAO that supports this, but check with Steve).

The preview window is based on Paul Gyugyi's LDLite (version 0.3) -

Pov2DAT - Exctract .dat file from .pov file

This program can help you restore an LDRAW model file (xxx.dat) from the xxx.pov file generated by Lars Hassing's L3P.



Updated 2004-03-27